Yasmine and the Seven Faces of the Heptahedron

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Side Magazine—An Acrobats

The seventh issue of Side Magazine is dedicated to the character of an Acrobats (“who are two but together as one,” as Thomas Clerc says in his play, The Heptahedron). Two in one is the promise of a self, freed from the deadening game of immutable identities.

Walking on their hands, upside down, feet in the air, defying gravity, an Acrobats invite us to overthrow the established order. Seven contributors shed light on this figure:

Jörg Heiser takes us on an ever-twisting journey through the universal force of gravity. Anton Escher looks at how a group of Moroccan acrobats have been invited around the world to demonstrate their prowess, participating in the modern tradition of highly-skilled migration. Anri Sala and Tacita Dean contextualise Sala’s work A Spurious Emission (2007). Gerald Bär tells us how Fernando Pessoa used specific literary strategies to encourage the sense of strangeness in himself; Eran Schaerf brings to life his many inner voices, which inhabit the script of his performance Blinded in Remembering the Present? Ask Franz.

Finally, curator Marcella Lista offers us a journey through La Ribot’s conceptual Distinguished Pieces series, with selected pages from the legendary choreographer’s notebooks published as facsimiles.


Contributors: Jörg Heiser, Jean Tardieu, Anton Escher, Tacita Dean, Anri Sala, Yasmine d’O., Gerald Bär, Eran Schaerf, La Ribot, Marcella Lista.

Executive Editor: Yasmine d’O.
Chief Editor: Louisa Elderton
Associate Editor: Jonas von Lenthe
Concept: Saâdane Afif
Editorial Coordinator: Alix Chambaud
Research Assistant: Eirini Fountedaki
Translators: Christoph Jehlicka, Nina Kettiger
Proofreader: Diane Fortenberry
Design: Neue Gestaltung, Berlin →

ISBN 978-3-948200-13-8, September 2022, 28 × 21 cm, 96 pages, numerous colour and b/w ills., English, saddle-stitched softcover

€ 7,00