Yasmine and the Seven Faces of the Heptahedron

ATAMATA I by Jessika Khazrik w/ காவடி, Aïsha Devi, Grinderteeth, Jimmy Blue Star, MAWADa

Public party and performance series conceived by artist Jessika Khazrik and co-curated by the hosting club Østre, run by Asle Bakke Brodin and Johanne Øra Danielsen.

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Amplifying an urgent search for collective transcendence and transformational infrastructure, ATAMATA brings together a spectral club exhibition with a 4-day South and East-oriented music and performance club program full of apparitions, epiphanic intermissions and incomputable assemblies. Concocted by artist, DJ, technologist and educatress Jessika Khazrik with live performances by friends and allies, the techno rave performance series and exhibition re-addresses club spaces as templar and serendipitous places of techno-political congregation and collective attunement with an ability to re-create and host different times and desires into the present. Through revisiting the unifying and anti-militarist history of techno in the past, present and future tenses and the potential of club spaces as social spaces of transclusive ritual, communal solace and serendipitous bonding, ATAMATA attempts to playfully delve into the links between the collectivity through anonymity attained in clubs and that experienced in spaces dedicated to collective strategy, solidarity and study.

Doors: 20:30 (ID: 18)
Tickets: Kr 150

Purchased tickets can not be refunded.


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